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Organizing Committee

Matylda Ciołkosz
Piotr Czarnecki
Aneta Czernatowicz-Kukuczka
Maciej Grzelczyk
Wojciech Kosior
Joanna Krotofil
Joanna Malita-Król (sekretarz)
Dominika Motak
Małgorzata Sacha
Elżbieta Przybył-Sadowska (przewodnicząca)


Academic Committee

Cezary Galewicz
Piotr Kłodkowski
Jerzy Kojkoł
Dominika Motak
Zbigniew Pasek
Elżbieta Przybył-Sadowska (przewodnicząca)
Andrzej Szyjewski
Lech Trzcionkowski


Institute for the Study of Religions

Established in 1974, the Institute for the Study of Religions Studies is the oldest academic institution in Poland offering complete degree programmes in religious studies, and the country's leading research unit on the religions of the world. Spread across seven departments and one laboratory, the academic staff of the Institute conduct research in all sub-disciplines of religious studies (history, anthropology, phenomenology, psychology and sociology of religion).

The Institute works together with many universities and research facilities from EU countries, the USA and Eastern Europe. We organise international conferences, symposiums, plenary lectures and workshops for academics, students and people interested in the world's religions. At present the Institute is located in the Collegium Broscianum building at 52 Grodzka Str. in Krakow's Old Town.

Polish Society for the Study of Religions

Polish Society for the Study of Religions was established in 1958. The organization brings together Polish scientists interesting in religious studies and similar science disciplines. The mission of the organization is create and develop knowledge about religious studies. Since 1957 Polish Society for the Study of Religions publish a scientific journal entitled “The Religious Studies Review”. Since 1970 it is a member of International Association for the History of Religions and since 2001 it is a member of European Association for the Study of Religions.